Full Time

Director, International Financial Institutions (GMG/SEG 3)

Ministry of Finance & Public Service

Expires May 13, 2021 3 Days


May 3, 2021

Days Remaining

3 Days


May 13, 2021






Public Sector


Director, International Financial Institutions (GMG/SEG 3), salary range $2,453,125– $2,915,995 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.


Job Summary


The incumbent oversees the functions of the International Financial Institutions (IFI) Unit and provides  technical  support  that  contributes  to  the  improvement  of  the  Ministry's  policy relationship with international and regional institutions in finance, trade and development.




Key Responsibilities




Oversees and effects necessary procedures to fulfill the executive and legislative requirements regarding international financial institutions on behalf of the Ministry and the Government of Jamaica (GoJ by:


     Ensuring the quality and accuracy of the Unit’s outputs and undertaking effective monitoring through to completion of all the executive and legislative processes with regards to the GoJ's membership obligations to specific international and regional financial institutions;

         Researching and validating the executive and legislative procedures;

     Researching, analyzing, evaluating and examining policy proposals and providing recommendations, counter-proposals and alternative options;

     Analyzing policy proposals from international financial institutions and undertaking activities to satisfy the legislative and executive aspects with implications for government


         Co-ordinating the drafting of Cabinet Submissions, Tabling of the Memorandum of

Understanding, Minutes and Ministerial Papers in the Houses of Parliament;

     Researching and analyzing documents from international organizations to develop position papers to inform National Policy and Legislation;

         Providing comments on relevant Cabinet Submissions and policy frameworks.



Provides strategic policy advices, formulates and proposes positions on international financial and trade-related issues through the preparation of briefs, position papers for internal and external clients by:


     Monitoring Jamaica’s involvement, as well as collaborating with various Agencies and Public Sector entities, to ensure participation and a co-ordinated position within Jamaica's broader Foreign and Trade Policy;

         Researching, analyzing and recommending MOFPS’s position in relation to policy

proposed by international organizations and preparing related Cabinet documents;




     Advising the Political Directorate and Senior Executives on all significant matters relating to international financial institutions;

     Researching, analyzing and examining proposals, international reports and agreements to advise the Senior Directorate on developments and measures to be taken as well as

keeping abreast of international perspectives and within the context of International


         Providing technical support through research and the monitoring of Financial Trade

Activities that contributes to the development of the Ministry of Finance and the Public

Service’s International Policy relationships with international and regional institutions.



Oversees and implements measures that monitor Jamaica's membership obligations and relations to particular international organizations to maintain benefits by:


      Examining and analyzing policy proposals from international financial institutions to ensure awareness of the implications and to inform National Policy and the associated legislation;

      Advising the Senior Directorate within the MOFPS of the payments required for Jamaica's subscriptions to the international financial institutions and other regional organizations and working in conjunction with the Public Expenditure (PEX) and the Finance and Accounts (FAD) Divisions to effect the payments;

      Submitting requests, invoices and payment information to FAD and Budget/PEX

Division for payment related to Jamaica’s membership obligations.



Formulates, develops and provides input to inform the MOFPS’s contribution to Jamaica’s broad international policy position through collaboration with various public and private sector entities by:


     Collaborating with public sector stakeholders on areas requiring national input and co-ordinating responses to international and national entities;

     Collaborating with internal, external, regional and international entities to ensure policy consistency and coherence and developing strategies to resolve issues;

     Providing advice and assistance to public entities and related bodies to resolve complex and sensitive operational issues;

     Researching and providing advice to key stakeholders to inform negotiation positions that are aligned and consistent with the strategic objectives and priorities of the Ministry

and the wider GoJ.

         Contributing to the development of public-private partnerships;

     Examining requests from various international financial institutions seeking clearance to conduct trade-related activities with Jamaican businesses or entities;

     Conducting research on the eligibility of identified businesses including assessment of tax compliance status etc.;

     Providing feedback to International Financial Institutions regarding the status and eligibility of Jamaican businesses or entities.



Implements and oversees measures to monitor and advise on the status of Jamaica’s payments as well as arrangements made with IFIs for settling arrears in subscriptions and contributions by:


      Examining and analyzing agreements and loan documents from IFIs;

      Negotiating and monitoring the arrangements for  settlement of overdue liabilities;

      Preparing and reviewing annual payment projections for budgetary purposes;

      Developing and maintaining a database to track IFIs membership, policy activities and other activities of the Section.





         Manages the development of the Unit’s activities for the Branch’s Corporate and

Operational Plans and monitors the Unit’s achievement against them;

         Provides expert advice or assistance to resolve complex or sensitive issues;

         Plans, organizes and directs the work of the Section;

         Participates in regular Branch meetings ;

     Participates in the development of the Branch’s Corporate and Operational Plans, Budget and monitors the Unit’s achievements against them;

         Reviews and monitors staff;

     Maintains effective working relationships with external and internal stakeholders and ensures that the Unit provides a consistently high level of service.






Human Resources


         Manages the welfare and development of staff through the preparation of Performance

Appraisals and recommendation for required training and development programmes;

     Provides leadership to staff through effective objective setting, delegation, and communication;

     Promotes a work environment that encourages continuous learning and new skill development;

         Develops and reviews the Unit’s policies, procedures and systems to meet the Branch

and Divisional  goals and objectives;

     Provides guidance to staff through coaching, mentoring and training, providing assistance and support as needed;

     Ensures that staff are aware of and adhere to the policies, procedures and regulations of the Branch, Division and the Ministry;

         Convenes regular Team Meetings to address performance and any other matters.



Other related duties


     Represents the Branch Director at various consultations with national and international stakeholders and clients.;

         Represents the MOFPS at National and International Seminars, Conferences and


         Prepares special papers on IFI issues that may be requested by the Branch Director;

         Represents Jamaica in regional consultations among CARICOM states to ensure that

the GOJ’s concerns are adequately reflected in any CARICOM positions being taken in negotiations;




Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


      Sound knowledge of GOJ's foreign policy;

      Sound practical knowledge of macroeconomics, public sector economics, accounting and attendant quantitative tools;

      Sound knowledge of fiscal and economic history of Jamaica and context for the current situation;

      Excellent practical knowledge of inter-sector macro-linkages and linkages between fiscal and monetary policies;

      Excellent up-to-date awareness of the forces shaping the international environment and

the implications for Jamaica’s economic prospects and emerging challenges;

      Sound practical knowledge of the process, methods and tools used in economic and fiscal forecasting, stress testing baseline solutions and impact analyses;

      Sound practical knowledge of the process, methods and tools used in the preparation of

Debt Sustainability Assessments;

      Sound practical knowledge of financial administration legislation, including in respect of fiscal targets and commitments;

      Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite (including Word and Excel) and other software required for economic and fiscal analyses and secure database management and

electronic information exchanges.

      Proficient in management and financial accounting.




Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


     Masters Degree in Economics, Management Studies, Political Science, Public Finance, International Relations, Business Administration or equivalent;

     Seven (7) to eight (8) years' experience in policy design and implementation, quantitative research/analysis.


Special Conditions Associated with the Job


         Pressured working conditions with numerous critical deadlines.

         Possession of a valid Drivers' License and a reliable motor vehicle.



Applications  accompanied  by  résumés  should  be  submitted   no  later  than  Thursday, 13th May, 2021 to:

Senior Director, Human Resource Management & Development

Human Resource Management & Development Branch

Ministry of Finance & the Public Service

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