Full Time

Negotiation Officer (GMG/SEG 2)

Ministry of Finance & Public Service

Expires May 13, 2021 3 Days


May 3, 2021

Days Remaining

3 Days


May 13, 2021


Human Resources




Public Sector


Negotiation Officer (GMG/SEG 2), salary range $2,023,418 – $2,405,208 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.

Job Summary


Assist with the negotiation function related to the execution of Multilateral and Bilateral funded Investment Loans, Policy-Based Loans (PBLs), Grants, and Technical Co-operations (TCs) being undertaken by the Government of Jamaica (GOJ).


Specifically, the incumbent will undertake the administrative activities for specific assignments, conduct research and assist in pre-negotiation and negotiation activities.



Key Responsibilities


Assists with the provision of technical support and participates in the pre-negotiation and negotiation activities in respect of Investment Loans, Policy-Based Loans, Grants and Technical Co-operations by:


     Liaising/consulting with, as applicable, the Public Expenditure and Public Enterprise Divisions  in  the  preliminary  preparation  and  pre-negotiation  stages  of  prospective projects and programmes regarding budgetary and other related implications;

         Attending pre-negotiation meetings with Executing Agency/Portfolio Ministry, PIOJ, AGC

and acting regarding issues/concerns which need to be addressed prior to the formal negotiations;

         Assisting  in  the  preparation  of  documentation  in  relation  to  Financing  Agreements

(Official funding requests, Policy letters, Authorisation letters etc.);

     Consulting with the MOFPS Divisions, Departments and Agencies, the PIOJ and other line Ministries regarding externally funded loans and grants;

     Providing information to assist in the preparation of official funding requests, policy letters, letters of intent, letters of confirmation and interest and/or fiscal provisions for

potential projects/programmes for signing by the Deputy Financial Secretary (DFS) Economic Management Division (EMD), the Financial Secretary (FS) and the Minister of Finance and the Public Service (HMFPS) as necessary;

         Assisting with the review of draft agreements, amendatory agreements and the related

documents  ensuring  that  the  terms  are  consistent  with  the  Government’s  policies,

operating procedures, legal and constitutional framework;

     Assisting with the review of draft Minutes of Negotiations to ensure that they accurately reflect  the  concerns/issues  raised  by  the  GOJ  Team  and  the  final  resolutions  or

recommendations for further action prior to the document being signed by the MOFPS

lead representative;




     Assisting in the preparation of schedules on behalf of the Ministry in relation to the Policy Programmes and where required participates in meetings, missions, seminars and workshops.



Conducts research, prepares reports, maintains records and provides advice/information on portfolio-related issues by:


         Conducting research as requested and providing analysis/advice as necessary;

     Identifying  research  issues  and  providing  data  and  other  information  on  relevant project/programme negotiations;

     Preparing   reports   on   prior   financing   arrangements,   terms   and   conditions   for management and internal/external clients;

         Assisting in the preparation of the relevant memos and/or briefs to advise the Public

Expenditure (PEX) Division, Fiscal Policy Management Branch (FPMB) and Debt Management Branch (DMB) of potential inflows to ensure conformity with the Public Sector Investment Programmes (PSIP), Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Medium Term Debt Management Strategy;

         Assisting in the preparation of briefs, reports, Cabinet Submissions and Ministry Papers;

     Assisting  with  preparation  of  reports  on  prior  financing  arrangements,  terms  and conditions;

         Assisting with maintaining records for all new Financing Agreements finalised by the


     Assisting with co-ordinating activities to ensure the requisite budgetary provisions are in place for programmed inflows;

         Assisting with revision of revised Budget Support Programme Estimates and the related

Financing Agreement Addendums prior to submission for signing by the relevant Ministry




Maintain effective relationships with local and international stakeholders and represent the interests of the MOFPS/GOJ on issues relating to loan and grant negotiations by:.


     Assisting in maintaining appropriate relationships with local and international financial institutions and other key stakeholders regarding loan and grant negotiations;

         Assisting with preparation activities for special committees as directed;

     Liaising with MOFPS and other relevant staff of Ministries, Agencies and Departments for the provision of advice or the sharing of information in order to facilitate the effective

execution of duties.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


         Good knowledge of loan negotiation activities.

         Good knowledge of Macroeconomic policies.

         Knowledge of Project Management.

     Knowledge of public policy in relation to Financial Management and the Financial Acts and Regulations.

         Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite including Word and Excel.

         Negotiating skills

         Analytical ability

         Problem-solving and analysis skills

         Interpersonal skills

         Administrative skills


Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


     Bachelors Degree in Economics, Finance, Business Administration or equivalent qualifications.

         Two (2) years experience in a related field.


Special Conditions Associated with the Job


     Highly pressured working conditions with numerous competing critical timelines and deadlines.

         Possession of a valid Drivers' License and a reliable motor vehicle.




Applications  accompanied  by  résumés  should  be  submitted   no  later  than  Thursday, 13th May, 2021 to:

Senior Director, Human Resource Management & Development

Human Resource Management & Development Branch

Ministry of Finance & the Public Service

30 National Heroes Circle

Kingston 4

Email:  [email protected]


Please identify the job title of interest as the Subject

Detailed information about the positions can be accessed on the Ministry’s website


Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.