Full Time

Senior Livestock Research Officer (SOG/ST 6)

Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries

Expires May 11, 2021 2 Days


May 3, 2021

Days Remaining

2 Days


May 11, 2021


Farming & Outdoors




Public Sector


Senior Livestock Research Officer (SOG/ST 6) – in the Research and Development Division, Bodles, Old Harbour, salary range $1,592,427 - $1,892,895 per annum and any allowance(s) attached to the post.

Job Summary


Under  the  direction  of  the  Deputy  Director,  Livestock  (SOG/ST  9),  the  Senior  Livestock Research Officer (SOG/ST 6) is responsible for conducting investigations (feeding and nutrition; reproduction and health; husbandry; breeding) on various classes of stock, supervising Production Units and the delivery of Technical and Advisory Services to the farming public.




Key Responsibilities




         Reviews fortnightly pay bills and other Work/Service Invoices for approval;

         Assists in the development of the Operational Plan and Annual Budget for the Unit;

         Assists in the execution of the Operational Plan;

         Represents the Unit at meetings, seminars and other functions;

         Assists in the procurement and delivery of inputs required for the Unit’s operations;

     Conducts   assessment   of   the   Unit’s   infrastructure   to   determine   maintenance requirements;

         Prepares and submits prescribed reports;




         Participates in training programmes.



         Research & Development Investigations

ü   Develops and implements individual research/development projects related to area of focus;

ü   Ensures that proper techniques are employed for the collection, collation, input and

analysis of data;

ü   Prepares and presents oral/written reports;

ü   Reviews local and international literature pertinent to the area of focus;

ü   Provides technical advice to the farming public.


         Supervision of Production Units

ü   Supervises  the  implementation  and  maintenance  of  the  prescribed  Breeding


ü   Supervises the implementation of prescribed Husbandry and Nutrition Programmes for all classes of stock;

ü   Supervises the maintenance of all records pertinent to births, deaths, sales and

inventory of animals;

ü   Supervises the maintenance of records on animal performance;

ü   Supervises  the  timely  breeding  and  treatment  of  animals  in  need  of  veterinary attention;

ü   Monitors  the  developments  in  the  Industry  in  order  to  guide  Research  and

Development Programmes.



Human Resources

         Monitors the performance of direct reportees;

         Prepares Performance Appraisals, conducts evaluations and makes recommendations;

         Establishes and maintains a system that fosters a culture of teamwork;

     Provides  leadership  and  guidance  to  staff  through  effective  planning,  delegation, communication and training;

     Facilitate and supports personal growth and development of staff members including the implementation of Conflict Resolution Strategies;

         Performs any other related duties which may be assigned from time to time.



Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies




         Excellent oral and written communication skills

         Strong leadership and management skills

         Good interpersonal and people management skills

         Strong customer relations skills

         Teamwork and co-operation

         Initiative

         Integrity




         Knowledge of the operations of Government  policies and procedures

         Excellent knowledge of livestock husbandry and management

         Good problem solving and conflict management skills

         Proficiency in the use of relevant computer applications




Minimum Required Qualification and Experience


         Masters’ Degree in Animal Science specialty with two (2) years related experience






         Bachelor of Science Degree in General Agriculture/Biological Sciences and three (3)

years in-service experience

         Publications including at least one research paper




Special Conditions Associated with the Job


     Frequent exposure to animals and their body fluids, with associated parasites, vectors and micro-organisms which could cause injury and possible transmission of zoonotic diseases.

     Periodic exposure to chemicals associated with livestock husbandry and care which can be harmful to humans


Applications  accompanied  by  résumés  should  be  submitted   no  later  than  Tuesday, 11th May, 2021 to:


Senior Director

Human Resource Management and Development Division

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries

Hope Gardens

Kingston 6.


E-mail: [email protected]

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.