Public Sector\Executive Government Offices

Open Job Opportunities: 0

Known Salaries:

Job TitleBase SalaryClassificationDepartment
Deputy Auditor General $6,044,343.71AUGD/AGS 9Assurance Audit
Accountant 2 $2,937,626.97AUGD/AGS 6Finance & Accounts
Accounting Clerk 2 $877,616.81AUGD/AGS 2Finance & Accounts
Accounting Technician 1 $1,074,506.36AUGD/AGS 3Finance & Accounts
Accounting Technician 2 $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Finance & Accounts
Assistant Auditor $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Compliance Audit
Assistant Auditor $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Financial Audit
Assistant Auditor $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Economic Assessment
Assistant To The Auditor General $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Executive Office
Attendant $716,803.82AUGD/AGS 1Human Resource Management & Administration
Audit Clerk $1,074,506.36AUGD/AGS 3Financial Audit
Auditor $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Compliance Audit
Auditor $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Financial Audit
Auditor General $7,687,765.39AUGD/AGS 10Executive Office
Chief Economist $6,044,343.71AUGD/AGS 9Economic Assessment
Chief Internal Auditor $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Internal Audit
Chief Office Attendant/Machine Operator $877,616.81AUGD/AGS 2Human Resource Management & Administration
Corporate Communications Officer $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Corporate Planning & Public Education
Deputy Auditor General $6,044,343.71AUGD/AGS 9Performance Audit
Director, Audit $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Information Technology
Director, Audit $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Compliance Audit
Director, Audit $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Economic Assessment
Director, Audit $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Performance Audit
Director, Audit $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Financial Audit
Director, Corporate Planning & Public Education $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Corporate Services
Director, Corporate Services $6,044,343.71AUGD/AGS 9Corporate Services
Director, Finance & Accounts $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Finance & Accounts
Director, Human Resource Development $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Human Resource Management & Administration
Director, Human Resource Management $2,937,626.97AUGD/AGS 6Human Resource Management & Administration
Director, Information Technology $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Information Technology
Director, Quality Assurance $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Performance Audit
Economist $3,736,349.49AUGD/AGS 7Economic Assessment
Editor $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Executive Office
Electronic Records & Documentation Officer $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Documentation & Information Management Unit
Electronic Records & Documentation Officer $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Documentation & Information Management Unit
Executive Secretary 1 $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Finance & Accounts
Executive Secretary 1 $1,348,457.53AUGD/AGS 4Performance Audit
Executive Secretary 2 $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Executive Office
Human Resource Officer $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Human Resource Management & Administration
Information Technology Officer $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Information Technology
Internal Auditor $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Internal Audit
Manager, Administration $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Human Resource Management & Administration
Manager, Documentation & Information Management $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Documentation & Information Management Unit
Principal Auditor, Compliance $4,752,240.07AUGD/AGS 8Compliance Audit
Principal Auditor, Finance $4,752,240.07AUGD/AGS 8Financial Audit
Principal Auditor, Information Technology $4,752,240.07AUGD/AGS 8Information Technology
Principal Auditor, Performance Assessment $4,752,240.07AUGD/AGS 8Economic Assessment
Quality Assurance Officer $1,779,003.19AUGD/AGS 5Executive Office
Records & Information Officer $1,074,506.36AUGD/AGS 3Documentation & Information Management Unit
Records Clerk $877,616.81AUGD/AGS 2Documentation & Information Management Unit
Secretary 1 $877,616.81AUGD/AGS 2Financial Audit
Senior Auditor $2,937,626.97AUGD/AGS 6Financial Audit
Senior Auditor $2,937,626.97AUGD/AGS 6Performance Audit
Senior Director, Human Resource & Administration $4,752,240.07AUGD/AGS 8Human Resource Management & Administration
Senior Director, Quality Assurance $4,752,240.07AUGD/AGS 8Executive Office
Senior Economist $4,752,240.07AUGD/AGS 8Economic Assessment
Senior Secretary $1,074,506.36AUGD/AGS 3Human Resource Management & Administration
Telephone Operator $877,616.81AUGD/AGS 2Human Resource Management & Administration

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